Minute with Dr Linet – Prayer

It doesn’t really matter what religion you are, the fact that you have prayer or positive thoughts and who you send it to is actually powerful, why? because it comes from within your soul and it’s the intent. The intent and meaning behind the message is actually where the power lies.
To have positive regard and intention by way of healing thoughts and then sending it to another person is what I classify as the basis of prayer.

So sending positive thoughts for healing, or when giving heartfelt thanks to something or someone in your life, that in my personal opinion is a genuine and honest connection, its between your soul and the other person.

To send love and blessings for an event to another person, place, animal, structure, anything that you want, and to ensure that whatever the situation that surrounds that situation at that point in time is sent with love and purity of thought is what connects with you to them, and the connection’s is what’s most important.

Because there’s no wrong or right in prayer, its extremely personal to you, to me and no one else. Every ancient religion or faith will pray in their own unique way, as long as you believe, and I mean really really believe at a deep soul level then I feel that your prayers will be good.

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