Minute with Dr Linet – Peace

This weeks word is Peace and the question is how can we as part of humanity create peace. So defining the meaning of peace for each and every one is what we need to be clear on for ourselves before attempting to create peace in the wider community .

Peace is experiencing a feeling that’s both internal and external. Having or feeling peace internally is where you are comfortable with who you are, the feeling of acceptance of being safe in the state of mind, that is, being at one with who you are. Everything sits well with you and you’re contented at this point in time.

Externally, feeling the state of peace means that you have similar feelings but on an external level. This is where your internal state creates the external place, so an individual is capable and able to create peace around them, if they have peace within them.

Have you ever noticed that at times you’re surrounded by people who just give off that serene calming and peaceful energy, they create peace and calmness just by being who they are.
The absence of chaos in your lives will help bring about this state of peace. In your mind, in your manner and how you hold yourself in public.

When your peaceful within, this will radiate out to others and help the situation become peaceful around you. If everyone looks for inner peace, they find it and express it, this will lead to creating the outer peace that will help with the bigger picture.

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