Minute with Dr Linet – Honesty

This weeks word is HONESTY which is quite subjective. What’s honest to you might not be honest to me. In business, being honest is particular to the operator and the customer. This is done through advertising and each business believes that they’re really honest whether the customer believes it is something else.

In people, as a quality, honesty is inherent in most of us, the majority of us are good people, 99% of us are honest and we do the right thing by others. I have the belief that the person next to you is honest and whenever you meet someone, the first thing you should know is that they’re honest and it’s up to them to prove otherwise.

When looking for negatives in others, you’re always going to find them but believing that bad things will happen when you meet somebody, try to get that thought out of your head, turn it around, really believe that the person is doing the right thing by others.

If you have this belief its going to stand you in good stead because you won’t have that underlying belief of negativity and it will be positive, and if each person becomes positive, then this will just spread then we’ll be able to change the world.

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