Minute with Dr Linet – Collaboration

This weeks word is collaboration which is a new age term and its all about meeting with others.
The meaning behind it is about networking and on social media it’s all about building a business, having a tribe of followers and all that sort of stuff. To me, this is a ‘surface’ type of thing, it’s not deep and meaningful.

Collaboration for me, would be to connect with somebody who has the same values, to try to make a difference, not just your life but in other lives that you seek to help.

This could be linking in with fellowship groups in the community who have an altruistic purpose, or, if you dont want to join a group, then maybe starting at home by doing something worthwhile like giving to charity, that’s collaborating, even though you’re not going out physically and helping somebody, you’re still helping somebody in monetary sense and doing the right thing by other people.

There’s also collaboration between two minds with different qualities, getting together and seeing if you can help somebody who might be in need of your specific skills, again, figuring out what you’ve got so you can offer this to others, its all about service and it’s all about helping humanity to help itself.

If we all share what we know, that’s collaboration. then this will help other people recognise their qualities so they can also share these.

The minute we do that then we help raise our standards and raise our consciousness so everybody starts to benefit.

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