Minute with Dr Linet -Acknowledgement

This weeks word is acknowledgement which can mean many things, what I’d like to focus on is the acknowledgement of the qualities that you have in yourself.

A lot of people have negative self talk continuously rapping in their head, this can block a lot of achievements that you want to happen in your life.
Acknowledging what you’ve done in the past, to where you’ve got to today is important because you’ve gone through so much and this point in time in your life, remembering that your experience is unique to you. Nobody else has been through what you’ve been through.

You might have gone through a most horrific time as a child, or job loss, marriage breakdown, whatever it is in your life, but you’ve gone through it, now, acknowledging the qualities you have to get through that as a person is amazing, that fact that what you’ve done in the past to get you here today, means that you’re going to have the inner strength to build on that to go into the future, so acknowledging all of your positive qualities rather than focussing on anything negative. The minute something goes bad, think about how good your life is and what you’ve done because that will get you there in the future. I think that makes sense.

Acknowledgment of your inner self is really important because the more you can do for yourself to help build yourself up which means that you can then help others is part of how were going to raise humanities consciousness because all the good deeds you’ve done, you can then pay them forward.

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