Certificate of Intuitive Counselling – Module 13

A series of six group sessions designed for people wanting to learn to deal with their own & other peoples anger (Preferably this unit should be completed following the unit – How to develop and lead small groups in business)


This 8 week self directed learning package will cover topics such as:

  • Week 1 – What is Anger
  • Week 2 – Motivational Effects of Anger
  • Week 3 – Deciding To Manage Anger
  • Week 4 – Anger Diary and Triggers
  • Week 5 – Reality Testing and Anger Management
  • Week 6 – Anger Management and Making Requests

Student contact requirements – Open book learning – (no quiz)

Initial reading material 1-1.5 hours self paced learning package.

Practical component – (if this course is conducted) preparation for group work up to 2 hours per week prior to commencement running small groups 1-1.5 hours per week

Note taking and review 0.5 hours post group per week