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Minute with Dr Linet – Prayer

It doesn’t really matter what religion you are, the fact that you have prayer or positive thoughts and who you send it to is actually


Minute with Dr Linet – Love

I’ll ask everyone to focus on the word to consider what it means for you in your daily life. Love is more than a physical


Minute with Dr Linet – Peace

This weeks word is Peace and the question is how can we as part of humanity create peace. So defining the meaning of peace for


Minute with Dr Linet – Integrity

It’s interesting as there’s two meanings to this word. The first one is where the qualities of being honest and having strong moral principles which


Minute with Dr Linet – Hope

Hope is a word that actually means many things to each of us, the word hope embodies the feeling that is uplifting, when we speak


Minute with Dr Linet – Honesty

This weeks word is HONESTY which is quite subjective. What’s honest to you might not be honest to me. In business, being honest is particular