Certificate of Intuitive Counselling – Module 3


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Intuitive Communication & Counselling Skills – Often the client will present with expectations that aren’t met by the reader and this can lead to reactions that may leave the person with some doubt of where to turn to next and what resources the person could utilise once they have left the session.


Challenges related to the practitioner identifying hypomania and mania often result in an alternative diagnoses, most often, major depressive disorder. The consequences of misdiagnosis may be life threatening as bipolar disorder is a more severe condition with frequent recurrence and significant co-morbidities.

This unit has 3 sections.

This unit is intended as an introduction to the disorder to help the practitioner identify signs and symptoms for clients who may present or for those who work occasionally with people with bipolar disorder or, as a brief review for those people already working in the mental health arena.

The first section in provides an overview and understanding around the causes of the condition and lists the signs and symptoms. It briefly discusses the experience of a person with bipolar disorder, provides an introduction to the definition of bipolar disorder, its history and distinctive features of the condition.

The second section covers ‘Bipolar Disorder: Causes and Symptoms’, and will review the defining characteristics for diagnosis and provide an overview of the aetiology (cause) of the disorder.

The third and final section in this unit will look at current treatment of the condition including acute presentation and ongoing management as part of therapy which the practitioner should be aware of when undertaking counselling or treatment.

Student contact requirements 1-1.5 hours self paced learning package.