Certificate of Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Communication & Counselling Skills

Understand the qualities of being an effective counsellor, the information in this unit will help you understand effective communication as well as help develop basic counselling techniques, it will help form a general standard of knowledge base to help both the practitioner and the client.

For those starting out in counselling or those wishing to review their knowledge base as part of professional development

This is a basic information unit which should help when dealing with questions from clients. There is also a basic self reflection test that is based on actual scenarios and personal experiences that have occurred within the counselling industry.
Aim:To introduce an education tool that is required for basic communication and counselling within the psychic, esoteric and complimentary therapy industry. This information will help form a general standard of knowledge base across the industry to help the professional and client during consultation and in turn, ensure that those working in the industry have resources to utilise.
Objectives:Understand the qualities of being an effective counsellor.
This information is designed to be used as an introduction in understanding effective communication as well as helping you develop basic counselling techniques.
It can help with everyday communication, increase understanding and utilise appropriate skills, it can enhance effective listening and feedback techniques as well as help you respond appropriately to challenging behaviours from others.

Student contact requirements 1-1.5 hours self paced learning package.