Certificate of Intuitive Counselling – Module 8

This unit gives information and is a beginners guide to identifying psychosis in presenting clients who may be unwell.

Psychosis is when someone experiences an ‘altered reality’. This means that they’ve lost touch with everyone else’s interpretation of what is going on around them.


While psychotic episodes are usually diagnosed as being a certain ‘type’ of psychosis, everyone’s experience of psychosis is different. This means that a diagnosis isn’t set in stone, and often mental health professionals treating the symptoms will review and change the diagnosis if necessary. 

In this unit you will learn about psychosis, different diagnoses and some treatments that are used in these disorders including: 
Schizophrenia-(the disorder in which psychosis is most commonly featured)
Schizophreniform disorder
Schizoaffective disorder
Drug intoxication
Delusional disorder
Bipolar disorder
Major depression with psychotic features
Brief reactive psychosis
Student contact requirements 1-1.5 hours self paced learning package.