Certificate of Intuitive Counselling – Module 12

This 8 week course is to introduce knowledge and skills to enable practitioners to learn how to run small groups for their business.


The example in this package is related to setting up a support group which is most helpful for therapists who may have many clients being treated for the same ailment or are presenting with similar symptoms that have been identified may need support from others in the community who are in a similar situation to help in their recovery process. It can be undertaken in theory, planned to suit their specific modality then put into practice using the weekly guidelines. 

Aims & Outcomes

The facilitation training is divided into three sections:

Group development and maintenance
Developing and maintaining a support group
Small group facilitation skills
Student contact requirements – Open book learning – (no quiz)
initial reading material 1-1.5 hours self paced learning package. 
(practical component – if this course is conducted)
preparation for group work up to 2 hours per week prior to commencement
running small groups 1-1.5 hours per week
note taking and review .5 hours post group per week